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About Us

Our company started with the goal in mind of providing quality both in products and service, while having the freedom of doing what we love. Owner Gianfranco Favale worked for over a decade for big names in the industry of line striping providing town roads, highways and parking lots using thermoplastic, epoxy, oil based and water based materials. Learning hands on with these companies he was able to see the positive impact needed in this industry.  Together with his partner Andrea Batista, who has a business background they started Starline Striping LLC, sharing the same goals of a family owned and operated company where they are the ones answering phone calls and establishing good relationships with customers, as well as completing jobs. The aim is to create a foundation for their family and future generations. 

Services Include:


Line Striping

Line striping using traffic paint, latex and alkyd based. These products are sprayed to surface with a walk behind paint machine. Used for parking lots, warehouses, and temporary striping on roadways. 


Wheel Stoppers (Bumpers)

Wheel stoppers are an essential safety item for a variety of locations including schools, businesses, churches, shopping centers, etc. Used to prevent drivers from rolling onto sidewalks, other parked cars, or buildings. Installed with rebar stakes or pins, can be painted with traffic marking paint, and are made of reinforced concrete.

Seal Coating


Seal coating will provide a layer of protection, blocking out the elements: water, oils, and UV damage. Over time asphalt paving can be seriously damaged if it is not periodically sealed.  


Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are used as a method of warning and guiding drivers, helping to regulate the flow of traffic among vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and others who travel the streets and parking lots. Installed with U-Channel sign post and hardware. 

Maintenance to your facility parking lot will improve the visibility, as well as safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

We are only a call away!


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